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X-Yachts are built on a deep relation to and understanding of performance, design and the demands of the sea.

We want to be leading the industry, based on innovation and world class craftsmanship thus promising our customers superior sailing pleasure whether racing or cruising.
It is our aim to attract and retain highly skilled employees and managers – and to create an X-Yachts community of passionate sailors and owners, raising our enjoyment of sailing to new heights.

Every X-Yacht benefits from the clean crisp lines that Scandinavian designers are renowned for. It is relatively simple to draw an eye catching design, the real skill lies in achieving those same lines without unduly compromising comfort or practicality. X-Yachts successfully achieve this through a number of avenues; one example being the close proximity with which the hull and deck designers sit to the interior and system designers.

X-Yachts have always placed a huge level of importance in producing yachts with truly practical characteristics. A few examples include:
– Furling lines and halyards that run beneath the deck, not only improving the visual impact of a yacht, they offer safety benefits too.
– Mainsheet system that makes the loads easier to manage and allows the trimmer to always remain on the high side, improving safety.
– A sprayhood that sits flush when folded and is easily raised or lowered is extremely valuable.

While the styling may be contemporary, the joinery skills employed in constructing the yachts have been handed down through the generations. The boats are durable and easy to live on because the team use high quality materials and work to an agreed set of measurements chosen for their ergonomic advantages.

The satisfaction felt when steering an X-Yacht is the result of many choices taken throughout the design process to ensure that the yacht remains naturally balanced. Our mast and keel locations make the boat easier to sail upwind quickly, and allow a rudder that provides more feel. These positions are possible because the weight of the tanks and batteries are centrally located.

The loads placed on the rig and deck gear are considerable on board an X-Yacht because they can carry larger than average sail plans. Industry leading suppliers like Andersen, Harken, Reckmann and Spinlock provide reliable components that are easy to use and maintain, and the correct size. Lower specification items are cheaper to fit but compromise the design goals of an X-Yacht.

Resale Value
The ‘holistic’ approach that X-Yachts favour results in great boats that our clients love. Many of our new boats are sold to existing owners; consequently a considerable proportion of all used X-Yachts are offered for sale through our brokerage network. These boats are painstakingly prepared prior to sale, maintaining not only the standard of the fleet but also high residuals for owners.